Tuesday, 3 February 2015

53. Psychedelic Seaside

Dress - Luna stone Sisters, Boots/Bag - Vintage

Wow, talk about a total hiatus from blogging! I worked it out ever since I attempted at rockin' a fringe I decided to not get dressed properly or something? No but really life just happens right? I am aiming to blog every 2-3 weeks. I think the pressure of once a week coming up with an outfit that was different and worth blogging was just too much preassure. 

Anywho, THIS. DRESS. Yep I went back in time in the form of a dress! It's from Luna Stone Sisters and I totally recommend you check them out because THIS. DRESS. I also bought a dashiki as well. 

Well I am off to pretend that I am from the 70's and going to go draw and rock out to The Dandelion


  1. AMAZING! love the dress!


  2. OMG this outfit is perfect, from the fabulous dress to the cool boots and the amazing jewelry, of course. Love the 70s vibe ! Can't wait for more posts from you, even if it's one every 2-3 weeks, it's always best not to feel pressure about blogging, I totally get you, it's hard to come with a cool outfit once a week or a photographer the day you like your look^^

  3. I've missed your posts! This dress is beautiful, love how you accessorised it!

    Tara x

  4. oh you queen! so perfect! <3


  5. You can always blog about something besides your outfits. There are tons of writing prompts & I'm sure your every day style is just as awesome. You could also do posts of other outfits you love or bloggers you love, ect. Hope that helps.

    xoxo Sara