Tuesday, 8 July 2014

50. - I play the tambourine in a band, just sayin'

crochet cardigan, mesh leopard print top, bag - vintage, shorts - miracle eye, boots - missguided

 I don't know what it is about this outfit but I felt like I was in a band and just felt uber "cool." Does anyone need a tambourinist because I am your girl. This outfit came to me late at night when I could not silence my thoughts and I am like mesh, velvet and crochet can that work? I want to make that work. I always think that an outfit needs three elements. If you know when an outfit isn't "finished" and just needs that one more element to go Bamn! Finished.  That's what I mean by elements.

As you can see I am livin' in Miracle Eye clothing at the moment and have three new pairs of bells that I can't wait to shoot (already perfected one look). Larissa is a genius and also we have a band with Taylor, Isabel, Ulrikke called Lady Rainbow Love. None of us can sing and we are thousands of kilometres apart but that isn't stopping us. So thank you inter-webs for letting me meet some amazing like minded people!

Missguided asked me to style a pair of shoes and I loved these boots, my stomping boots. They also wanted me to feature a place where I like to escape and I was like anything in nature please and thank you. So this is a nice little picnic spot Ciara and I found and ugh it is so surreal and we can't wait to go swimming in summer because ewww winter ya know?

I got asked on tumblr to do a room blogpost so that will be in the works once I add a few finishing touches as well as a thrifting video which I will do sometime soon! So thank you for taking your time to respond and I hope you don't mind my Australian Accent!