Monday, 30 June 2014

49. - Desert Dwelling

Vintage - jacket, jeans, belt, necklace, Shoes - nastygal, Hat - Sportsgirl

Hey everyone! I know this blogpost was a bit out of the ordinary but I was sick of standing in front of my normal wooden fence so I am like what the heck I might as well get some photoshop edits in! Which I am starting to think I may actually like graphic design a bit more than I originally thought (possible career avenue who knows?) I went really well this semester in uni for Graphic Design (seriously was surprised), woohoo go me! Compared to just passing all last year.. Let's face it I never know what the teachers want and since art is so subjective it really is hard to consistently get good marks.

I am in love with my mum jeans and I found them in the children's section and they fit perfectly. It is all about that butt. Mum jeans and butts just work, I am telling you! Have to thank Taylor for showing me the power of a pair of mum jeans! Butt power woooooo.

Also was thinking of doing some thrift haul videos would any of you be interested? I thought it could be a fun idea.


  1. You are srsly a GENIUS at photoshop!! I love the background, it goes perfectly with the outfit!! Yes definitely do some videos, they are so much fun to make and also receive feedback on!! Love ya <3

  2. Love the way you've edited these photos! And your kimono and jeans are so rad. Just love everything actually xx

  3. Boho princess!!
    Peace & Love

  4. So glad to hear you are enjoying your course at University, you do look like you are great at graphic design, I am loving the style of the post! The videos sounds like a great idea, I'd love the watch them! Lovely post and you have a great blog!
    Would you like to follow each other?

  5. ahhh I love this outfit and your style in general. I would love to see haul videos!