Wednesday, 18 June 2014

48. - Los Tones

Shorts - Miracle Eye, Boots/Bag/Belt/Shirt - vintage

Well would you look at that, I actually blogged and it wasn't a month later! This is a variation of what I wore hiking a.k.a waterfall hunting with Ciara. We escaped civilisation for a bit and found the best spot which I am sure we will be revisiting again! Ah nature, you amaze me.

Also took my Miracle Eye shorts for a test run today and they were the comfiest shorts ever, so it has got the tick of approval from Caitlan! I also ordered some bell bottoms from Larissa (owner miracle eye and one of my internet besties) which I am super excited to get because it is actually winter in Australia yet I am wearing shorts and no jacket? Makes sense.

Last week I went to the yummiest vegan buffet (only ever been to one but hey was still the best!) and afterwards went to Oxford Art Factory and this really cool band came on. Take a listen! I'm kinda obsessed.


  1. Fuck yes, that is how I would hope the majority of our clothing is worn- hiking/climbing/and seated near waterfalls. Perfect outfit, obviously, but that bag is killer! Also, you seashell necklace, ahhhhhhh hopefully I can find its twin on Etsy or in a thrift store, haha.

    Yum! I've never been to a vegan buffet but the thought of one is mouth-watering to say the least. Buffets in general are like a wet dream come true, so if its vegan...... I will take over the desserts section.

    Also: holy shit that song rules! Just tried to find them on Spotify but sad to see they're not on there. They have so little views on YouTube, too! Bummer. They sound like they need to be huge, like Tame Impala and Pond!

  2. Beautiful outfit, as always! Those shorts are hella sweet. <3

    Tara x