Thursday, 12 June 2014

47. - Indian Tides

everything - vintage

Wow I can't believe it has been one month since I did my last blog post! Time you are a weird and funny thing aren't you. After another intense 3 months at uni, meeting deadlines, constant artist blocks and stress I am finally on my 2 month break. Wooohooo! I have a long list of things I really want to do (because let's face it I have an ocd with lists) and blogging more frequently is on that list! As well as some screen printing ideas oh and waterfall hunting because waterfalls.

These bells are my current go to in winter (curse you winter) and this is more of a casual and comfy outfit and of course I have to be decked out in jewels from India because duh jewels. Also I think it's safe to say this is the most pale I have ever been as in I have no tan lines whatsoever, zilch and I am kind of liking it!

Also my fellow wife wrote an amazing blog post on an issue we have been discussing for the past couple of months on "boho/hippie" trend you should go check it out: Here.


  1. YOUr MAKEUP!!! honey you look scrumptious (and duh jewels) i love you

  2. May I ask what lipstick (brand & shade) you are wearing? I've been looking for this colour for ages! Thanks! :)

  3. Yay, you're back!! I know, blogging is on the top of my to-do list as well! you look ahmazing as always! ily

  4. You're so beautiful - I love your hair! :)

  5. Such a bbeautiful look, I love your boho style!

    Tara x

  6. Looove the flares xx