Sunday, 4 May 2014

46. - Lullaby

top - urban outfitters, shorts - miracle eye, shoes - nastygal, hat - nastygal, belt - Taylor's

Let's first of all talk about my shorts! One of my internet besties from America, Larissa runs and owns the most amazing 70s dream love shack shop called Miracle Eye. I fell in love with this print and bought two other shorts which I can't wait to blog. They fit perfectly, don't ride up my butt (no one likes unpicking a wedgie) and are super dooper comfy! I am in loveeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Today I had my second belly dancing concert which I was so nervous about, partly because Sam was coming to watch and secondly because I was in the front in the middle! I used to do dancing when I was little but I didn't like the competitiveness and the mother's were too pushy for my liking so I gave it up. Then I discovered belly dancing and I can't stop. So currently - my life long goal is to become a belly dancing gypsy, an artist, that owns lots of poodles, dresses like I was meant to be born in the 60/70s and join a psychedelic band (I'd be playing the tambourine of course) any one want to join?

I also included three variations for this photo because I couldn't decide on the hat, or no hat and then a jacket which is necessary since we are going into winter in Australia now!