Thursday, 9 January 2014

40. - Caramel Safari

everything - vintage. 

I put this outfit on thinking nothing of it and now I am in love with it. Straying from my usual gypsy vibes which lately have consisted of a lot more black then I am used to. Am Feeling this a bit more summer appropriate even though Sydney weather has blessed us with a cool cloudy day compared to temperatures reaching over 45 degrees up north in Brisbane last week, *cough global warming*.

Have you guys checked out my etsy store? I'm selling some pretty cool stuff on there. Can I say that? Oops I just did. ShopGoddessSea xx


  1. Your wardrobe is quite literally to die for. That skirt is beautiful! x

  2. ahhh you have some gorgeous clothes! Love the duster so perfect!!

    Australia is baddddd atm!! In Brisbane the air con is getting a proper work out!

    1. thank you lovely! I can only imagine!! x

  3. I think every outfit that have a top like that looks stunning!

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  4. I love this outfit so much ! It seems to be made for you !

  5. Really nice ! :)
    I love your blog !

    xx from a frenchie