Sunday, 24 August 2014

52. - Blossom

everything vintage because vintage is the best!

Hey everyone!

I saw this cherry blossom tree (atleast I think it is) in my street a couple of weeks ago and I'm like ooooo that could be a good blog post situation, I mean come on they are pink flowers and if you didn't already know but pink is my favourite colour. So weird that I've totally rekindled my girly roots recently. Pink everywhere.

This is me channeling my inner Jimi Hendrix and I think this outfit revolved around the boots. I mean look at them! Boots, boots, boots. Wooden platform, suede material and they just so happen to be in my size in vinnies for $10. Score! Bowing down to the shoe gods once again.

I shot a tonne of new vintage which is all up in my etsy shop at shopgoddessseaTake a look and tell me what you think! That apostrophe wasn't aggressive just me being really excited!

Friday, 22 August 2014

Interlude - Trip to the Gallery

As you may or may not know, I am currently studying a bachelor of visual arts and design at uni. I study four subjects, three that are all practicals because let's face it theory is not my forte.

I'd just thought I'd share some pictures from the MCA art gallery, my favourite work being the video installations by Japanese artist Tabaimo. We walked into a tunnel and became completely emersed by the installation. Bubbles appeared from underneath our feet as images begun morphing into one another whilst eerie yet soothing sounds filled our ears. It was memorising and I also thought 'whoa imagine this on acid.'

P.S my friend pictured above is called Leila and the first time I saw her come into class she had a clockwork orange bag and the following week she was wearing an Iggy Pop t'shirt. I just knew we were going to be good friends.

Friday, 8 August 2014

51. - Evolution 1964

 bell bottoms - miracle eye, top, kimono, belt and necklace - vintage

Am I or am I not the worst blogger ever. I really thought there for a while I was going to be more consistent and was for a month or so and then my self timer broke... and it is freezing in Australia which does not make me want to go out and feel and look fashion fab. 

I am back at uni *yawns* and can already feel the stress creeping up and it's only week 2. I have however been sourcing heaps of new stock for my shop and can't wait to list some goodies on there! 

I wore this outfit to the Babe Rainbow concert and I'll totally leave a video so you can fall in love with them like Taylor and I have. We actually talked to them and by talk I mean "hey" with a reply of "hey ladies" and Taylor and I walking the wrong direction giggling like little girls, I may or may not have been blushing. I repeat, very rarely do I ever fan girl over a band but I could have been one of those crazy 12 year olds at an old direction concert. 

As for the outfit, Bell Bottoms = most amazing thing ever. I have three pairs that I now wear religiously and never want to stop wearing because they are like pjs. Seriously best pants ever, I can't get over the print either!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

50. - I play the tambourine in a band, just sayin'

crochet cardigan, mesh leopard print top, bag - vintage, shorts - miracle eye, boots - missguided

 I don't know what it is about this outfit but I felt like I was in a band and just felt uber "cool." Does anyone need a tambourinist because I am your girl. This outfit came to me late at night when I could not silence my thoughts and I am like mesh, velvet and crochet can that work? I want to make that work. I always think that an outfit needs three elements. If you know when an outfit isn't "finished" and just needs that one more element to go Bamn! Finished.  That's what I mean by elements.

As you can see I am livin' in Miracle Eye clothing at the moment and have three new pairs of bells that I can't wait to shoot (already perfected one look). Larissa is a genius and also we have a band with Taylor, Isabel, Ulrikke called Lady Rainbow Love. None of us can sing and we are thousands of kilometres apart but that isn't stopping us. So thank you inter-webs for letting me meet some amazing like minded people!

Missguided asked me to style a pair of shoes and I loved these boots, my stomping boots. They also wanted me to feature a place where I like to escape and I was like anything in nature please and thank you. So this is a nice little picnic spot Ciara and I found and ugh it is so surreal and we can't wait to go swimming in summer because ewww winter ya know?

I got asked on tumblr to do a room blogpost so that will be in the works once I add a few finishing touches as well as a thrifting video which I will do sometime soon! So thank you for taking your time to respond and I hope you don't mind my Australian Accent!


Monday, 30 June 2014

49. - Desert Dwelling

Vintage - jacket, jeans, belt, necklace, Shoes - nastygal, Hat - Sportsgirl

Hey everyone! I know this blogpost was a bit out of the ordinary but I was sick of standing in front of my normal wooden fence so I am like what the heck I might as well get some photoshop edits in! Which I am starting to think I may actually like graphic design a bit more than I originally thought (possible career avenue who knows?) I went really well this semester in uni for Graphic Design (seriously was surprised), woohoo go me! Compared to just passing all last year.. Let's face it I never know what the teachers want and since art is so subjective it really is hard to consistently get good marks.

I am in love with my mum jeans and I found them in the children's section and they fit perfectly. It is all about that butt. Mum jeans and butts just work, I am telling you! Have to thank Taylor for showing me the power of a pair of mum jeans! Butt power woooooo.

Also was thinking of doing some thrift haul videos would any of you be interested? I thought it could be a fun idea.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

48. - Los Tones

Shorts - Miracle Eye, Boots/Bag/Belt/Shirt - vintage

Well would you look at that, I actually blogged and it wasn't a month later! This is a variation of what I wore hiking a.k.a waterfall hunting with Ciara. We escaped civilisation for a bit and found the best spot which I am sure we will be revisiting again! Ah nature, you amaze me.

Also took my Miracle Eye shorts for a test run today and they were the comfiest shorts ever, so it has got the tick of approval from Caitlan! I also ordered some bell bottoms from Larissa (owner miracle eye and one of my internet besties) which I am super excited to get because it is actually winter in Australia yet I am wearing shorts and no jacket? Makes sense.

Last week I went to the yummiest vegan buffet (only ever been to one but hey was still the best!) and afterwards went to Oxford Art Factory and this really cool band came on. Take a listen! I'm kinda obsessed.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

47. - Indian Tides

everything - vintage

Wow I can't believe it has been one month since I did my last blog post! Time you are a weird and funny thing aren't you. After another intense 3 months at uni, meeting deadlines, constant artist blocks and stress I am finally on my 2 month break. Wooohooo! I have a long list of things I really want to do (because let's face it I have an ocd with lists) and blogging more frequently is on that list! As well as some screen printing ideas oh and waterfall hunting because waterfalls.

These bells are my current go to in winter (curse you winter) and this is more of a casual and comfy outfit and of course I have to be decked out in jewels from India because duh jewels. Also I think it's safe to say this is the most pale I have ever been as in I have no tan lines whatsoever, zilch and I am kind of liking it!

Also my fellow wife wrote an amazing blog post on an issue we have been discussing for the past couple of months on "boho/hippie" trend you should go check it out: Here.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

46. - Lullaby

top - urban outfitters, shorts - miracle eye, shoes - nastygal, hat - nastygal, belt - Taylor's

Let's first of all talk about my shorts! One of my internet besties from America, Larissa runs and owns the most amazing 70s dream love shack shop called Miracle Eye. I fell in love with this print and bought two other shorts which I can't wait to blog. They fit perfectly, don't ride up my butt (no one likes unpicking a wedgie) and are super dooper comfy! I am in loveeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Today I had my second belly dancing concert which I was so nervous about, partly because Sam was coming to watch and secondly because I was in the front in the middle! I used to do dancing when I was little but I didn't like the competitiveness and the mother's were too pushy for my liking so I gave it up. Then I discovered belly dancing and I can't stop. So currently - my life long goal is to become a belly dancing gypsy, an artist, that owns lots of poodles, dresses like I was meant to be born in the 60/70s and join a psychedelic band (I'd be playing the tambourine of course) any one want to join?

I also included three variations for this photo because I couldn't decide on the hat, or no hat and then a jacket which is necessary since we are going into winter in Australia now!

Thursday, 17 April 2014

45. - One million lovers

vintage - pants, top, indian crop top, jewels, hat -

I got dressed today! I seriously haven't been able to for a couple of months now, I think I have just lost my zing for fashion (seriously can you come back now?!) Maybe it's because I am too busy daydreaming about frolicking in a waterfall and listening to The Growlers to think about what to wear.