Saturday, 28 December 2013

38. - Barefoot Gypsy

 dress and duster/jacket/kimono thingy - vintage!

I FINALLY GOT A TRIPOD! Woooooohooo! These are the first pictures I have taken with it and so far so good! 
Two weeks ago I went away with Sam to Byron Bay and we loved every minute of it! We turned into the biggest beach bums because it was only a 100m walk to the beach, hell yeahhh! We also went bike riding to the shops to get dinner and some food and I think I laughed the entire way at how big the bike was for me and how much fun I was having. On wednesday night I was extremely nervous/excited and made sure Sam and I got to the Northern hotel early to watch THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE! HOLY SHIT. We were the first ones in the actual place for at least half an hour and I call that true dedication. I cried about three or four times during the show especially when open heart surgery played. Dead. Sam and I definitely would love to go back to Byron Bay because it was so freakin' amazing!

P.S This outfit cost me $10, SCORE!


  1. OMG 10$ for these treasures ????? crazy ! you look beautiful !

  2. U look amazing! Greetings from czech republic! Keep posting girl, you are big inspiration for me.
    I love your silhouette in this dress!

  3. You are such a goddess! I swear everytime I see your posts it's like I've died and gone to boho fashion heaven! Never stop!