Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Interlude: - Goddess Sea

Wait a minute you're thinking, is that.. Caitlan? I've introduced her before but this is my best friend Ciara! She is the perfect gypsy model for my first mini lookbook/photoshoot. I told her in the last photo that she looks like Jimi Hendrix's love child babe and I was lovin' her in that outfit.

This is the first look of photos for my new online etsy store: Shop Goddess Sea. Most of these items can be found on there and that I hope are at reasonable prices! I think you can definitely tell that these clothes are more "me". I just love that gypsy/goddess look and I hope that my store reflects that so everyone can get in touch with there inner gypsy. Check it out and tell me what you think!


  1. such a goddess like you ♥ the pictures are perfect !

  2. LOVE THIS! She's such a babe, what a perfect model. Really want that last dress too it's perfection! <3 xxx

  3. Amazing outfits!!
    Peace & Love

  4. this girl is a babe. love all these looks.