Wednesday, 13 November 2013

34. - Blush and bloom

kimono, bodice - vintage, black skirt - supre, boots - nastygal

My brothers pet fish just died today and I realised how I don't think I could ever go back to eating meat again. I've been a vegetarian for two months now and am proud to say I am going strong. I know it's nothing impressive like years but what the heck it is a start! Or even being a vegan because I bow my head down to you. I thought it would be a lot harder but when I consciously sat and ate one greasy piece of deep fried chicken I spat it straight back out and was like "okay I never want to eat meat again" and that was it. A lot of people are like why? Here are some of my reasonings:

1. I love animals. They are better than humans - fact. 
2. Meat actually tastes like shit.
3. We aren't caveman anymore and don't have to go out and hunt to survive.
4. I read some really interesting statistics on the amount of water used to produce a kilo of meat compared to a kilo of grain and that was actually very horrifying. Or the deforestation that is occurring to make room to farm animals.
5. It just makes me sad to think that animals are purely breed to be eaten.

I am not trying to preach to become a vegetarian but I can honestly say I feel wayyyyyyy more healthier than I ever did before, the food is so tasty like I love it even though half the time I am asking myself what the hell is in this? takes another bite anyway because it is just too good to stop eating. Also veggie schnitzels will be the death of me. 

On another note how awesome is this kimono/dressing gown I found at my lucky vinnies stall for $4. 


  1. I got where you're coming from I simply just hate the taste of meat now I would rather just eat fruit and veggies all day. And animals are wayyyy cooler than ppl. btw ur an angel, ily

    1. all day everrrrday! haha thank you babe!

  2. beauty ♥ love your kimono and jewelry !

  3. Just foun your blog, but I already love it <3 *,*

  4. so beautiful! I wish I had your hair. the kimono is a dream x

  5. I can't believe that gorgeous kimono was only 4 bucks! Wow you are a luck gal ;)
    Peace & Love

  6. Ahh you look fantastic! I was veggie for 5 years and had to turn back to meat as I was getting really anaemic. Tried again for 6 weeks last year but same thing happened. One day I will have a good enough diet to do it though! Also congrats! x