Friday, 11 October 2013

29. - Only if you run

 wearing: duster - thrifted, croc shorts - getbadvibes,  boots - nastygal, assorted jewels - vintage/ebay

Wearing these shorts and duster together makes me feel so sassy and I didn't even need to rock the sassy ponytail! Also tomorrow don't forget if you live in Sydney, Taylor and I our having our little market stall at Glebe so come and say hello or even buy some of our vintage goodies!

Currently can't stop listening to Julian Plenti a.k.a Paul Banks, the babe from Interpol.


  1. Did I mention you're a goddess and I LOVE YOU! <3 <3 Ur always sassy grl

  2. OMG this duster is so perfect, beautiful goddess ♥

  3. jesus you are perfect and your necklace looks like it was dropped from the heavens. i hope you and taylor do super well tomorrow and make that ca$$h ;)

    1. ur perf! yes we did thank you Larissa!!

  4. Perfect!!
    Peace & Love