Friday, 4 October 2013

28. - India and sequins

skirt, boots, top all thrifted, and assorted jewels - vintage

I am currently doing a graphic design assignment at uni and so I decided to edit a picture as a form of procrastination. That picture represents where I would rather be bellydancing around in this amazing skirt made in INDIA. That's right India, and I just so happen to be going there in four months. Tonight we are all having a meeting and hopefully will be booking some hotel rooms! Wooo!


  1. You go girl! ROCK DAT SASS PON! <3 See you late qt bum

  2. you are such a mermaid !!!! love your jewelry !!!

  3. YES, omg so jealous yall are going to India. That skirt is magical, i'm jellin

  4. Omg what a gorgeous skirt!!
    Peace & Love