Sunday, 29 September 2013

27. - The diamond sea

bellbottoms - novella royale, velvet top - thrifted, belt - ebay, necklace and jewels - gifts/thrifted

Wow! Okay it is the nicest day today, these bell bottoms absolutely rock and I am just about to go pick up my peacock chair that I won off ebay! Today is a good day! Sorry for the quick blog post my peacock chair calls my name!

Sunday, 22 September 2013

26. - Celestial


lace maxi dress - vintage, kimono - etsy, pendant gift from Georgie!, cuff - andthat, headpiece - ebay, shoes - nastygal

I feel as if my style is evolving more into this gypsy lady and I have no complaints whatsoever. Even though I have only been blogging for under half a year I like seeing how my style is changing/progressing. I wonder what the next year holds for me!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

25. - Bed of thorns

top - thrifted, pants - (vintage soon to be on ageofsunastry), belt - thrifted, boots - nastygal, jewels - ebay, tan bag - thrifted and disco shorts - asos. 

 Hey all!
I've been rather sick for the past week and am still recovering but that's okay because I am petsitting this really cute (but spoilt) toy poodle. So... that currently makes three poodles in my house and calls for a poodle party! Also trying to keep warm at night isn't a problem with three dogs surrounding you and taking up majority of the bed but that's okay as well because I'm embracing all that lurrrrrveeeeeeeee.
I'm off to go and sleep and watch black books!

Monday, 9 September 2013

24. - Mermaid gypsy


lace bralette - mum, maxi skirt - can't remember now. boots - nastygal, necklace - natalie b jewellery

Hey everyone how are you all?!
Today Taylor and I went op shopping for our shop Age of Sunastry and got so many goodies which I am very excited to show you all. I'll probably be posting some sneaky shots on my instagram - caitlanhammond. Stayed tuned! We are also going to do a market stall in Sydney maybe Glebe or Bondi so if you are in the Sydney area come and say hello when we have a proper date set which will hopefully in a month!

Monday, 2 September 2013

23. - Bohemian Rhapsody

paisley shorts - vintage, boots - vintage, beige blouse - vintage, bag and hat - borrowed off Taylor, elephant necklace - etsy, cuff - and that

Everything is really overwhelming at the moment. Yesterday Taylor, Blake, Ben and I booked our tickets to India. I'M GOING TO INDIA. Let that just sink in because it still hasn't for me. We are leaving late January and coming back end of February. I have been questioned so many times "Why would you want to go to India?" and it's like why the hell not?! Taylor is currently being the "mum figure" which I love because honestly this trip wouldn't be happening without her. Excitement levels have hit the roof!