Sunday, 18 August 2013

Interlude - My Grandma

Behold my amazingly talented Grandma! I've been hiding out in her jungle oasis for the past five days or so learning the ways of ceramics and just being a really amazing granddaughter, duh. I don't even know where to start on this text post because I am so overwhelmed with how relaxing and unreal this past week has been.

My Grandma is talented beyond all means exploring all fields in ceramics, jewellery, dress making, silver smithing and just being in her presence I am so inspired. Her whole house is like a living dream for me, animal print EVERYTHING and boy do I mean everything even her toilet seat has leopards on it! I'm thinking this is where my obsession with leopards and jungles has stemmed from so thanks grandma for that! Her backyard (perfectly feug sui) is a serenity in its own and I could live there forever.

I took these pictures yesterday for a little ceramics exhibition she held at her house and I was in inspiration overload and wanted everything, I mean how could you not?! I look up to her so much, she is such an inspiration and has made the most out of what she had and look at where she is now! 

I have also now begun a ceramics class at uni and who better to learn the ways of the trade than off my Grandma and let me tell you now that it is hard work yet very rewarding and an sensual medium to work with.

"You get out what you put in" - Grandma


  1. Amazing amazing amazing. Your grandma sounds like the coolest person I've never met. I took a ceramics class in school 5 years ago and had a blast! I was one of the only students who took it seriously (in my brain, it was like saving a ton of money I would have been spending at a ceramics class I could be taking in the city) and I learned so much! Your grandma's pieces are KILLER and I just love when I see adults succeed in a creative field that takes designing and way more when it's handmade from scratch. Love. Also I spy some JC's on her feet in the last photo! Only grandma I know that wears shoes with spikes on them aka officially the coolest adult, ever.

  2. Wow her house is SO AMAZING. That garden?!? Holy shit, it looks so peaceful. Would love to live there for five days/forever. She seems like a special and cool person, just like her granddaughter!