Tuesday, 16 July 2013

18. - Smokey taboo

Badvibes - shoptunnelvision, crochet dress, knee high boots - thirfted, lapis chocker - Taylor's, elephant bag- etsy, cuff - ebay

Do I look like a lizard yet? Because I feel as if I'm making my transformation into one with these amazing shorts, and yes they are badvibes from Tunnelvision again because I am just in love with all of their shorts and want to wear them forever and ever.

Today Taylor and I styled and shot (with the help of Denis as our photographer and pro-styler) our very first pieces for our etsy store. And I'll tell you this is it was very long and tedious. I can appreciate all the effort that goes into the work of styling and shoting clothes for online stores. I'm incredibly excited for our little online shop and it seems with every meeting we are getting closer to opening it up and eventually with more practice and patience a lookbook and better modelled pieces could be in the near future. Woooohoooo!  


  1. Nice blog, I love a lot of your looks, here is stunning :) You are so lovely and cute.... great killer shorts ! I'm totally fan !

  2. Great look, love the top and the jewelry!
    Ps. you are gorgeous :)

    Peace & Love