Wednesday, 24 July 2013

19. - Flamingo dancer

pleather pants - general pants co., metallic floral blouse - thrifted avaliable on etsy, afghani choker - etsy, black boots - thrifted, cuff - thrifed

And this is the result of Caitlan being spontaneous. I dye my hair pink to look like fairy floss because why the hell not?! 

I have had a great past few days on my last week off before uni claims my life again for another 12 weeks. 
In that time:
1. I decided my blonde locks needed some colour because I was getting bored with my hair and needed a change so pink was the way to go after talking about dying it for a long time now. 

2. Taylor and I officially opened up an Etsy store which the top I am wearing is currently being sold. We then proceeded to make in a life event on facebook (eww facebook but like why the hell not the option is there right?) and got uber excited when we hit "post" to our first item wooooo! More stock will be listed in the next couple of weeks! 

3. Taylor had a tattoo consultation for her next tattoo which I am just as excited about because the basic design is of what I had originally drawn for her and it is making me want my first tattoo that much more! We then went to a place in Alexandria for lunch called "the grounds" which was amazing and sometime soon a proper blog post will be done because we are defiantely visiting there again ASAP!

4. And lastly that night we did a double date with Sam and Ben and went to a Turkish restaurant in Newtown which I really enjoyed the food, straying from my comfort zone indeed. We chilled at a pub afterwards and had a go on the pokies. Taylor was not impressed when I kept on saying "you gotta risk it to get the biscuit" because her luck wasn't too good haha. All in all it was a great night, I had a fun night! 

Have a look at our Etsy store: HERE xx


  1. You're hair turned out great, and you rock it well! Very jealous.. I wish I was a blonde so I can do spontaneous things like that! ^^


    1. Yes being blonde has its perks! Thanks Hun :)

  2. 1. So, your hair looks fantastic. Sometimes I really wish I was blonde so I could dye the shit out of it. If I dye mine an untraditional color it will maximum stay for a week. If it is even possible to see in my hair!
    2. Your store looks SO promising! Already favorited it. You will be shipping to Denmark before you know!
    3. Omg I really want my first tattoo soon. Can't wait to see how it turns out! I didn't even know she already had one -- *brb* zooming on her blog
    4. Uhmmm Turkish food. Also: Turkish tea. Dear goodness

    1. Thanks babe! I know it didn't grab so much underneath but it grabs to the bleach like wild fire! Thank you so much for the support we are only starting small but we would love for one day to see you in a piece of our clothing that would be amazing! I know I'm so excited and can't wait for mine! Oooo might have to try the tea next time :)

  3. Just found your blog through tunnel vision, I love it! You deserve way more followers! Love your hair and style, will follow now :) xxx

  4. you look so amazing, the pink hair is rad! x

  5. Yes! Your hair is amazing, as are you. x