Tuesday, 9 July 2013

17. - Acid trip

 Badvibes tie dye velvet shorts - tunnelvision, beige crotchet fake suede jacket - thrifted, beige top - thrifted, boots - thrifted, abalone sun cuff - etsy, ring, amber sun pendant - ebay, shell pendant - gift.

Yesterday Taylor and I went to the beach and it was the perfect winters day. Yes you heard me right winter and I'm wearing these shorts because why? Because they are amazing and comfortable and they are like an acid trip on my butt and these are the third pair I've bought from Tunnel Vision and I could go on and on and you could find them here - Shoptunnelvision!

Commence dramatic text post about dogs

Upon meeting up with Taylor, Lamour (my puppy standard poodle) and I were happily sitting and waiting when a group of older guys walked past me and one had the audacity to say "I feel sorry for your dog" not only was I not only was I facing the opposite direction so my reaction time was delayed but Lamour was happily jumping up and down wagging her tail. 

This comment definately hit a nerve. I've had some people say "oh that is so wrong" or "why would you do that to your dog?" but this comment affected me the most. How about I feel sorry for the dogs that every day are poorly mistreated, starved, beaten by their owners, all the stray and homeless dogs on the streets, or dogs that are put to fight for human entertainment or just breed for money.

As I work part time as a dog groomer with my mum, I have seen some pretty sad things when it comes to dogs. Dogs that have been neglected for months and coming in for a hair cut once a year matter solid to the skin, infested with fleas and big sores and irritated skin. I have had dogs come in and probably with a mix of an inefficient diet and lack of exercise too over weight to stand up without their legs shaking and collapsing on the grooming table. 

So the next time you want to make a stark comment direct it somewhere else because my happy dog that you see wagging her tail furiously and jumping for joy is nothing to feel sorry about. Every second person that she walks by she puts a smile on their face. End of over dramatic rant. Also Taylor and I decided some profits from our sales from our future clothes we are going to sell will be donated to the RSPCA as well and I couldn't be happier. 


  1. 1) I fucking HATE people. I can't believe that you stayed so calm (by calm I mean didn't slaughter them on the spot or cuss the shit out of them). I would have murdered them, especially since they were MEN, gross, ugh. I'm so sorry you have to deal with people like that.. In fact, I'm sorry people in general have to deal with fucking pricks like that.

    2) My heart dropped when I read the conditions in which some dogs arrive in to the groomers where you work. I don't think I could handle a job like that :( I'd go cry in the bathroom after each session with a poorly mistreated baby. Ugh.

    3) Well now this is going to sound super insensitive, but: Your outfit rules. You and Taylor are always looking super babely and perfect as does Lamour!!

    1. I know I'm surprised I didnt give them finger and an "eff you" as my response and eww men 100% agree on hahaha.

      It is only a minority but it is still a sad thing to do. Most owners do the right thing though!

      Haha thank you lovely as always!

  2. ugh people mann.. your dog looks so happy! look at its smiley little face :3
    also your necklace is like the best thing ever , silver plated shells? yes!
    why is it impossible to be all, i love your outfit and comment on something serious without sounding all douchey..

    1. I know she always is! I know it is my favorite piece of jewellry I own! Thank you!!

  3. Awesome shorts and necklace!

    Some people are just mean. Your dog looks pretty happy to me. And I'm sure you take good care of her. So don't even get mad at these people, they are clueless.

    Peace & Love