Wednesday, 24 July 2013

19. - Flamingo dancer

pleather pants - general pants co., metallic floral blouse - thrifted avaliable on etsy, afghani choker - etsy, black boots - thrifted, cuff - thrifed

And this is the result of Caitlan being spontaneous. I dye my hair pink to look like fairy floss because why the hell not?! 

I have had a great past few days on my last week off before uni claims my life again for another 12 weeks. 
In that time:
1. I decided my blonde locks needed some colour because I was getting bored with my hair and needed a change so pink was the way to go after talking about dying it for a long time now. 

2. Taylor and I officially opened up an Etsy store which the top I am wearing is currently being sold. We then proceeded to make in a life event on facebook (eww facebook but like why the hell not the option is there right?) and got uber excited when we hit "post" to our first item wooooo! More stock will be listed in the next couple of weeks! 

3. Taylor had a tattoo consultation for her next tattoo which I am just as excited about because the basic design is of what I had originally drawn for her and it is making me want my first tattoo that much more! We then went to a place in Alexandria for lunch called "the grounds" which was amazing and sometime soon a proper blog post will be done because we are defiantely visiting there again ASAP!

4. And lastly that night we did a double date with Sam and Ben and went to a Turkish restaurant in Newtown which I really enjoyed the food, straying from my comfort zone indeed. We chilled at a pub afterwards and had a go on the pokies. Taylor was not impressed when I kept on saying "you gotta risk it to get the biscuit" because her luck wasn't too good haha. All in all it was a great night, I had a fun night! 

Have a look at our Etsy store: HERE xx

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

18. - Smokey taboo

Badvibes - shoptunnelvision, crochet dress, knee high boots - thirfted, lapis chocker - Taylor's, elephant bag- etsy, cuff - ebay

Do I look like a lizard yet? Because I feel as if I'm making my transformation into one with these amazing shorts, and yes they are badvibes from Tunnelvision again because I am just in love with all of their shorts and want to wear them forever and ever.

Today Taylor and I styled and shot (with the help of Denis as our photographer and pro-styler) our very first pieces for our etsy store. And I'll tell you this is it was very long and tedious. I can appreciate all the effort that goes into the work of styling and shoting clothes for online stores. I'm incredibly excited for our little online shop and it seems with every meeting we are getting closer to opening it up and eventually with more practice and patience a lookbook and better modelled pieces could be in the near future. Woooohoooo!  

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

17. - Acid trip

 Badvibes tie dye velvet shorts - tunnelvision, beige crotchet fake suede jacket - thrifted, beige top - thrifted, boots - thrifted, abalone sun cuff - etsy, ring, amber sun pendant - ebay, shell pendant - gift.

Yesterday Taylor and I went to the beach and it was the perfect winters day. Yes you heard me right winter and I'm wearing these shorts because why? Because they are amazing and comfortable and they are like an acid trip on my butt and these are the third pair I've bought from Tunnel Vision and I could go on and on and you could find them here - Shoptunnelvision!

Commence dramatic text post about dogs

Upon meeting up with Taylor, Lamour (my puppy standard poodle) and I were happily sitting and waiting when a group of older guys walked past me and one had the audacity to say "I feel sorry for your dog" not only was I not only was I facing the opposite direction so my reaction time was delayed but Lamour was happily jumping up and down wagging her tail. 

This comment definately hit a nerve. I've had some people say "oh that is so wrong" or "why would you do that to your dog?" but this comment affected me the most. How about I feel sorry for the dogs that every day are poorly mistreated, starved, beaten by their owners, all the stray and homeless dogs on the streets, or dogs that are put to fight for human entertainment or just breed for money.

As I work part time as a dog groomer with my mum, I have seen some pretty sad things when it comes to dogs. Dogs that have been neglected for months and coming in for a hair cut once a year matter solid to the skin, infested with fleas and big sores and irritated skin. I have had dogs come in and probably with a mix of an inefficient diet and lack of exercise too over weight to stand up without their legs shaking and collapsing on the grooming table. 

So the next time you want to make a stark comment direct it somewhere else because my happy dog that you see wagging her tail furiously and jumping for joy is nothing to feel sorry about. Every second person that she walks by she puts a smile on their face. End of over dramatic rant. Also Taylor and I decided some profits from our sales from our future clothes we are going to sell will be donated to the RSPCA as well and I couldn't be happier. 

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

16. - Trapdoor

bell bottoms, bag, velvet top, belt - vintage, cuff - ebay, necklace - borrowed from Taylor, platform boots - nastygal

The weather in Sydney has been horrible. Non stop rain for a week and I think this is the second time I have left the house. I need the sun to function just like a reptile.. cause maybe I'm cold blooded.

Taylor and I went for a massive op shopping adventure and we made many purchases for our soon to be etsy shop! Can't wait to get it finally up and running after us first talking about having a vintage store since we were 15. Fingers crossed it will be open within the next month so stay tuned!

Also there is something about google reader closing down and if you wanted to stay updated with my blog just follow me on bloglovin': Here

Do you guys like dark, trance music? I do and this is currently my favourite song ever. If you love his voice as much as I do I would recommend watching him live because he is a freakin' babe *wipes drool from keyboard* and I think we should date, just sayin'.