Tuesday, 4 June 2013

12. - Beached biker brat

snakeskin cardigan - thrifted, badvibes - shoptunnelvision, lace bralette - mother, harley davidson singlet - thrifted, boots - thrifted, concho straps - eBay

First outfit post after finishing uni for the semester woooo! I have been promising on taking lamour (my dog) to the beach as soon as I had time and well since I have two months of free time on my hands the beach trips (even though it's winter in Australia) start now. Lamour really was a kangaroo in her past life and I think the shot of her clearly captures that and is how she acts about 99% percent of the time jumping around or the 1% of the time when she is really tired laying on me on the couch catching a quick snooze. Ciara and I also had a beach picnic and she looked like a grunge/skinhead/90's babe! We collected some awesome shells and driftwood which I'm trying to picture my mums reaction to seeing it when she comes home.

Also wearing tunnel vision shorts and am anticipating the day my two other pairs that I ordered arrive because they are so freaking awesome, lace up anything I will love. Also finding shorts whilst op shopping is just one of those miracles that happens rarely so I am willing to pay a bit more for shorts. Find them here: shoptunnelvision it is run by two babes!