Monday, 24 June 2013

15. - In a dream I was a werewolf

paisley top, jeans, boots - all vintage/thrifted, elephant cuff - ebay, shell necklace - gift from friend

These jeans was the best effin' $6 I have ever spent, well almost but still I was dying when I first made eye contact with these babies just one of those miracles whilst thrifting.

Okay so last night I got into this really weird/crazy/overstimulated moods which isn't out the ordinary and those closest to me know how I get. I've put it down to a few different things actually:
a) mum goes and checks if it is a full moon because I am certain it affects me a lot more than I realise (or maybe I was just a werewolf in my past life)
b) When was the last time I left the house or had social interaction
c) It's late and I'm delirious and my mind is running crazy with ideas

Okay back to the point I was trying to make. Wait was I even trying to make one? Oh right, yes yes of course last night I had this crazy (not so crazy) idea of wanting to get into tattooing. I always thought I'd have to be really good at shading and colouring and recently Taylor has been looking for tattooists that specialise in detailing and line work. Wait a minute.. that's my style of drawing! I don't know maybe this is another one of my crazy ideas like that one time I was getting into street art and wanted to be BANKSY and was going to do paste ups with a few of my guy friends. Wait.. no, I still want to do that. So how does one go about getting a tattooing apprenticeship?

Monday, 17 June 2013

14. - Gypsy floating in the clouds

pleather pants - general pants, boots - nasty gal, lace bodice - mothers, kimono - etsy, necklace - ebay

Do I look grumpy in these photos? I'm sorry but what is life at the moment?

You see the funny thing about love is it's not funny at all.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

13. - Here comes the reptile queen

 snakeskin leotard, belt, vest, bag - vintage, boots - nastygal, necklace - ebay

Hey guys, how you all going?!
Yes another post with my lover a.k.a dog because she ran out the door and chased mum and I down the driveway and was jumping in the air like this the entire time we took photos. She is just a big fluff ball of poodle happiness and never fails to put a smile on my face. For the past week I have been like yeah next post I want to talk about this and was getting really passionate about it and then I sat down at the computer and just wasn't feeling it. In starting this blog I didn't want it to always be "hey guys this is ma outfit blah blah blah" because I think there is only so much I can talk about fashion. I mean don't get me wrong I love clothes but I did want this blog to be about things that inspire me, get me passionate, maybe dogs, throw in some of my art maybe, some music and dogs, dogs again. At the moment however Lamour is looking freakin' adorable laying on my bed with her toy in her mouth and I want to go and cuddle her and continue reading my favourite book (the wardstone chronicles best series ever and I mean ever) which I don't know if I'll have any nails left when I finished it because it is just so intense.

Here is a song to make up for my lack of a text post. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

12. - Beached biker brat

snakeskin cardigan - thrifted, badvibes - shoptunnelvision, lace bralette - mother, harley davidson singlet - thrifted, boots - thrifted, concho straps - eBay

First outfit post after finishing uni for the semester woooo! I have been promising on taking lamour (my dog) to the beach as soon as I had time and well since I have two months of free time on my hands the beach trips (even though it's winter in Australia) start now. Lamour really was a kangaroo in her past life and I think the shot of her clearly captures that and is how she acts about 99% percent of the time jumping around or the 1% of the time when she is really tired laying on me on the couch catching a quick snooze. Ciara and I also had a beach picnic and she looked like a grunge/skinhead/90's babe! We collected some awesome shells and driftwood which I'm trying to picture my mums reaction to seeing it when she comes home.

Also wearing tunnel vision shorts and am anticipating the day my two other pairs that I ordered arrive because they are so freaking awesome, lace up anything I will love. Also finding shorts whilst op shopping is just one of those miracles that happens rarely so I am willing to pay a bit more for shorts. Find them here: shoptunnelvision it is run by two babes!