Wednesday, 29 May 2013

11. - Gypsy coin

black maxi skirt - no idea, leopard print mesh singlet - gift from Taylor, burnout velvet cardigan - etsy, brown boots - newtown, gypsy belt - summerhill

Today, Taylor and I went to Bay Vista today a.k.a heaven on earth for any of you dessert lovers out there. It is seriously the best. Lemon sugar crepes and melted chocolate for a brunch, yeah that's my kind of meal. Taylor and I also pretended that Brighton Beach was Venice Beach so yeah I guess you could say we magically transported from Australia to The States in an outfit post.

I have major issues posing in front of the camera (get used to it Caitlan if you want to continue blogging right?) which is why I look awkward half the time or there is a billion photos of me just looking really grumpy or laughing and covering my face with only a few serious ones to pick from at the end of the day. Taylor tries to direct me,"just smize into the camera Caitlan" but I just end up laughing so Taylor said this can be a smiling post and I was happy with that. I don't know how to be "serious" I guess you could say because I'm too busy laughing or mucking around. Maybe I should watch zoolander and work on my "blue steel" look haha.


Tuesday, 21 May 2013

10. - Picnic with the faeries

lace bodice - cream on king, beige maxi skirt - vintage, necklace - ebay, bindis and henna temporary tattoo - tree of life

I'm so excited to introduce my best friend Miss Ciara Kenny. She is actually perfect and amazing and beautiful and she just gets me. I once was high on life one night and came up with this to describe Ciara "born in a cauldron by navajo werewolf princesses under a full moon, enjoys her time in a sea of flowers, indulging in the simplicities of life and always chasing a sunset."

A couple of weeks ago we decided to have a picnic date in the lovely Camellia Gardens. Had I not been there before I was more then ecstatic to enter such a beautiful garden as it felt like we had left the "shire bubble" (not the one from LOTR, I wish) yet it was only a 10 minute drive from our houses. We seriously felt like magical faerie princesses and I'm sure the faeries were watching over us as well. Faeries do exist I don't care what anyone says, Ciara has my back on that one!

It was a perfect day and I can't wait to visit again when all the flowers are in full bloom. You know that friend that no matter what you are doing, what you say, how weird you get, how many bad jokes you tell, you know they will still be your best friend, well that's Ciara for me. We can talk in another language, have an entire conversation in code and no matter what we are doing we are always laughing. We don't get to hang out as much as we used to (damn you uni and work commitments) but when we do get to spend time together I realise how much I miss having her around everyday.

I can't even recall on specific memories because there is just too many. We could probably write a book on all our one liners, weird things we have done and memories we have made together. Hey Ciara we should totally do that sometime! I'm keeping this short as I could ramble on for a lot longer but to sum it all up thank you Ciara for blessing me with our friendship, always being able to lift me up no matter how down I am and letting me be my complete self around you and still loving me regardless. I love you with all my heart.

You can find her on Tumblr and Instagram!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

9. - Sunset dreamer

crop top - ebay, shorts thrifted for $1 (bargain!) boots - thrifted, belt - thrifted, bag - thrifted

Whoa check out the sunset mum and I captured the other day. We got a bit carried away taking photos of it and then we were like "hey aren't we meant to be doing something..?" Oh right taking outfit photos!

Anywayyyyy... this outfit. It would have to be my favourite outfit ever. And probably forever. Whoa now Caitlan that is a big statement to make you can't just go around saying that without making a commitment. but oh, i did. Sounds like I'm getting married or something. Do you Caitlan take this outfit to be your beloved? I DO. Okay maybe that is a bit dramatic but you get the picture. I just feel as if I am in the 60's/70's and if time travel existed you would find my dancing around at Woodstock but there ain't no such thing so it purely exists in my imagination.

I don't know what it is about clothing from this time period but I seriously feel as if by some strange occurrence in the universe I have a magnetic pull towards it. (whoops there I go being dramatic again). Like you know that scene in Donnie Darko when the weird blob is coming out of their bodies. Yeah that is me but to clothes. Since I've only been properly interested in fashion for about a year I would say I'm still learning what I like and don't like and what I can appreciate but there is just something about missoni prints, beige coloured anything and crotchet that I love. It is just some hippie instinct to go and pick up a halter top. Maybe it has something to do with what my grandma said that I was an old soul and should have been born in the 60s.

Hope you guys aren't getting sick of these boots either because they were the best op shop find by my friend Denis for all of 8 bucks.

So do any of you have a decade that you wish you could time travel back into?

Friday, 3 May 2013

8. - Don't mesh with me

mesh dress thrifted, pleather jacket nastygal, black high waisted shorts nasty gal, boots thrifted, boot straps ebay, rings everywhere

Today Taylor and I tried to do an op shop for our little vintage store that we are hoping to open up on etsy within the next couple of months and once the uni break begins look out! We got a few bits and pieces here and there and then we almost fought over a painting over a jaguar but luckily I spotted a beautiful art nouveau painting and was like hell yeah that is so going on my psychedelic wall! I also found this freakin' awesome beige/apricot crotchet dress that I am totally vibing the 70's from it and I don't think I ever want to take it off. Like ever. Forever ever.

Taylor brought up how four years ago we were fourteen and what we did in those school holidays and we began reminiscing like crazy. We found ourselves laughing at all the good times we shared and how we acted like complete dickheads sometimes (say that in the most Australian bogan voice possible.)
example a. tying ourselves to opposite ends of the clothes line and running and trying to catch each other because Taylor had seen it on a t.v show and wanted to try it.

example b. My dad lives opposite a bush and there is a small cave and it had a rope swing that we used to go on. I don't know if any of you have ever tried to swing on a rope but I got two words for you rope burn. So we rummaged through the garage got sheets to tie on the rope, gloves to protect our hands and rocked some whipper snippet glasses because why the hell not. It well.. kinda.. hurt south of the equator if you know what I mean so we called it "rock hard flaps" and thought it was hilarious and genius at the time. Wait I still do haha.

example c. that time when Taylor fell off the chair and got stuck and couldn't lift herself up and i just left her there laughing more and more as her face become more red. I still have pictures of that! As you can see we show our love for each other in other ways <3 LOVE YOU TAYLOR! Ahhhhh..This made me appreciate my youth years a whole lot more lol Caitlan you are only 18.

Taylor is a babe if you haven't checked her out this is her blog