Saturday, 27 April 2013

7. - The snake charmer

taylors harley davidson tshirt, thrifted skirt, thrifted boots, snakeskin duster, necklace ebay

DISCLAIMER: A text post where I do not talk about what I am wearing.

I'd say a month or so ago I went to my friends house and we caught up on all the razzle dazzle of uni. Blake and I started talking about one of his essays in particular which was the war that is currently going on within Syria. This lead to that and before you knew it we were hooked into watching one of the vice documentaries on Syria. The jist of it or what I was able to gather was that the Syrian government wants more power the driving force behind the ego and is ordering soldiers to kill their own civilians without consequence, empathy or mercy. A revolution/rebellion however is occurring within Syria amongst the people as they are unable to leave the country without the threat of being assassinated. Bombings after bombings are aimed at hospitals as "it's better to kill on doctor than 1000 fighters". The helpers are so selfless attending to the injured risking their own lives in the process of saving as many innocent peoples lives as they can. The documentary is incredibly graphic I often found myself looking away or squirming in my chair. We also stopped the video and just shook our heads completely speechless at the sheer velocity of it all. This is the outcome of the destructive force of one ego controlling a collective bunch of egos. How can this be occurring in this day and age? Yet the Syrian people still have hope which is an inspiring quality.

Yet here I am involving myself in the vanity of a fashion blog or even complaining about the littlest of things. I'm making a vow to myself to become more conscious and if I make a negative comment to justify it with something positive. I had no idea about the war in Syria and it made me feel quite helpless because all that I can do is sit here and write about it but I am now aware and hope I made whoever actually reads this aware as well.  If I have created some awareness then I'm counting that as a positive thing indeed.

If you want to watch the documentary here is the link: Ground Zero Syria

(p.s sorry if my writing isn't as eloquently as it could be)


  1. Hiiii! Yes this is v important to know about. I haven't been watching my normal news show ( the rachel maddow show on msnbc - you can get a podcast for free or watch online for free I HIGHLY recommend it!!) because I've been really depressed and learning about the sad things happening in the world really affects me emotionally and mentally. Although, I am doing a bit better so I do want to get back into paying attention to the news because I really do like to be aware of the going ons.

    ok but about ur outfit omg i love. i love.

    oh and doubley about you post - how you say u feel insignificant with ur lil blog and so much horrible shit going on, i totally feel you i struggle with this every day. <3 <3 <3

    1. Yes I haven't been watching the news for that exact reason as it really affects me as well! I've just been watching sbs but ill be sure to look up what you said!!!!
      Thank you!!! ❤❤❤ And I know I've seen her wear it she is a babe!

  2. oh and also - selena (the siren of mod blog) has the same necklace as you in these picsssss