Sunday, 7 April 2013

5. - Paisley affection

everything thrifted except shell pendant gift from my friend

It kinda baffles me that if I was to look at my wardrobe about 8 months ago what I'd be faced with would be two rails filled entirely new, over-priced pieces of clothing as an attempt to fit in to societies latest fashion trends, spending up to $400 a time on online orders. I mean that sounds kinda crazy to me now when I negotiate spending $8 on a skirt when I know another vinnies would sell it for $4. Lately I've been getting asked more where I buy my clothes from, I think people need to discover the miracle of op shopping! My entire outfit here I thrifted and it cost me less then $40! Although I can be a bit unpredictable in what I like to wear as it usually depends on the mood I am in, I  think it's safe to say this outfit if I was to choose resembles "me" the most. I kinda lost my self trying to keep up with societies trends but now through op shopping not only is there a thrill that comes with it like that time I found a leather Harley Davidson cap que glorified music but it also takes me back to decade that I wasn't alive for as I try and create my own interpretations on how they would of dressed.

Also I changed my header! I drew this baby a couple months ago and finally turned it into a banner!

Here is a little song I've been jammin' out to, enjoy!


  1. love this outfit!!! your face is cute too

  2. Aww... wish you all the best! I can´t wait for next posts. You are beautiful and it is good you create your own style. I love it, the mixture of gypsy, hippie and sometime rock style! :)

    1. Wooo thank you such much lovely! Yes it does seem to be a mix of those three haha! xxx