Saturday, 27 April 2013

7. - The snake charmer

taylors harley davidson tshirt, thrifted skirt, thrifted boots, snakeskin duster, necklace ebay

DISCLAIMER: A text post where I do not talk about what I am wearing.

I'd say a month or so ago I went to my friends house and we caught up on all the razzle dazzle of uni. Blake and I started talking about one of his essays in particular which was the war that is currently going on within Syria. This lead to that and before you knew it we were hooked into watching one of the vice documentaries on Syria. The jist of it or what I was able to gather was that the Syrian government wants more power the driving force behind the ego and is ordering soldiers to kill their own civilians without consequence, empathy or mercy. A revolution/rebellion however is occurring within Syria amongst the people as they are unable to leave the country without the threat of being assassinated. Bombings after bombings are aimed at hospitals as "it's better to kill on doctor than 1000 fighters". The helpers are so selfless attending to the injured risking their own lives in the process of saving as many innocent peoples lives as they can. The documentary is incredibly graphic I often found myself looking away or squirming in my chair. We also stopped the video and just shook our heads completely speechless at the sheer velocity of it all. This is the outcome of the destructive force of one ego controlling a collective bunch of egos. How can this be occurring in this day and age? Yet the Syrian people still have hope which is an inspiring quality.

Yet here I am involving myself in the vanity of a fashion blog or even complaining about the littlest of things. I'm making a vow to myself to become more conscious and if I make a negative comment to justify it with something positive. I had no idea about the war in Syria and it made me feel quite helpless because all that I can do is sit here and write about it but I am now aware and hope I made whoever actually reads this aware as well.  If I have created some awareness then I'm counting that as a positive thing indeed.

If you want to watch the documentary here is the link: Ground Zero Syria

(p.s sorry if my writing isn't as eloquently as it could be)

Friday, 12 April 2013

6. - Let me stand next to your fire

bellbottoms - ebay, halter top + bag + boots - thrited, cuffs and rings - ebay

I don't know about you but I seriously feel as if I'm a cast member from Lords of Dogtown or at least that's what I like to think because I love that movie! Jay Adams you are the ultimate babe and we should make babies some time. 
Take a hint as I'm dedicating this song to you heh heh

Sunday, 7 April 2013

5. - Paisley affection

everything thrifted except shell pendant gift from my friend

It kinda baffles me that if I was to look at my wardrobe about 8 months ago what I'd be faced with would be two rails filled entirely new, over-priced pieces of clothing as an attempt to fit in to societies latest fashion trends, spending up to $400 a time on online orders. I mean that sounds kinda crazy to me now when I negotiate spending $8 on a skirt when I know another vinnies would sell it for $4. Lately I've been getting asked more where I buy my clothes from, I think people need to discover the miracle of op shopping! My entire outfit here I thrifted and it cost me less then $40! Although I can be a bit unpredictable in what I like to wear as it usually depends on the mood I am in, I  think it's safe to say this outfit if I was to choose resembles "me" the most. I kinda lost my self trying to keep up with societies trends but now through op shopping not only is there a thrill that comes with it like that time I found a leather Harley Davidson cap que glorified music but it also takes me back to decade that I wasn't alive for as I try and create my own interpretations on how they would of dressed.

Also I changed my header! I drew this baby a couple months ago and finally turned it into a banner!

Here is a little song I've been jammin' out to, enjoy!

Monday, 1 April 2013

4. - Flower child

thrited dress, thrifted boots, cuff gift from Ciara and elephant cuff ebay.

You know you had a good thrifting day when you find this bargain of a dress for all of $6. I mean am I right? or am I right?! I have a very petite frame so normally wearing long dresses is kinda out of the question even though they are the comfortest things like everrrrrrr and are super quick to dress up or down. It's as if any previous definition of my womanly curves which it ain't much to work with but we're doing it just disappears, gone, poof! just like that and what we are left with is Caitlan wearing a sack. But then I found this dress and now my faith has been restored! HALL-E-LU-JA! For that!

Petite girl issues number one!

1. Outfits that give no definition or the slightest hint of body curves.