Tuesday, 19 March 2013

3. - Spotted a leopard

thrifted harley davidson shirt, boots and all jewellery off ebay.

I had just got back from Fiji when I came home to find a plastic bag awaiting me on my bed. Slightly confused I opened it and surely enough I found a treasure chest of my mums clubbing goodies from the 90's. These leopard print hot pants included. Bamn! Cha-ching! Cheers mum! I started doing an impromptu fashion show trying on every article of clothing amazed at how much goodness one bag could contain. I also spotted this amazing tree in full bloom just across from where I work. So I dragged Taylor across the road to capture its beauty. Note to self - society is not however ready for leopard print hot pants.

Currently on repeat forever.


  1. those fucking shorts, and more importantly you're butt in those shorts
    love you girlfriend

  2. Hehehehe best shorts thanks mum! Thanks babe ;)