Thursday, 14 March 2013

2. - Hippies in vests

 Everything is thirfted except the two cuffs.

I promise that these are the last lot of blurry photos I shall ever post on here. Shun the blurry photos! These were literally taken about four months ago but not to fear crisp quality photos are on the way! I'm not entirely sure what to write about and I'm hoping I'll get better at this as this blog progresses. I can only really comment what is going on in my life at this moment and that is uni. I couldn't have picked a better course to study which is a bachelor of visual arts and design. I'm enjoying it too much and although I was resistant at first and often wrote notes that they were "restricting us on our individuality" and "brainwashing" us, I am now finding myself getting too excited and leaving home wayyyyyy too early and arriving ahead of time. My mind is going crazy with ideas that I can't wait to transform into actual artworks and that goes the same for outfits. My blog is going to be a combination of art and fashion and what inspires me. I may even post some of my art on here.

Until next time!
Au revoir!

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