Monday, 1 April 2013

4. - Flower child

thrited dress, thrifted boots, cuff gift from Ciara and elephant cuff ebay.

You know you had a good thrifting day when you find this bargain of a dress for all of $6. I mean am I right? or am I right?! I have a very petite frame so normally wearing long dresses is kinda out of the question even though they are the comfortest things like everrrrrrr and are super quick to dress up or down. It's as if any previous definition of my womanly curves which it ain't much to work with but we're doing it just disappears, gone, poof! just like that and what we are left with is Caitlan wearing a sack. But then I found this dress and now my faith has been restored! HALL-E-LU-JA! For that!

Petite girl issues number one!

1. Outfits that give no definition or the slightest hint of body curves.