Tuesday, 19 March 2013

3. - Spotted a leopard

thrifted harley davidson shirt, boots and all jewellery off ebay.

I had just got back from Fiji when I came home to find a plastic bag awaiting me on my bed. Slightly confused I opened it and surely enough I found a treasure chest of my mums clubbing goodies from the 90's. These leopard print hot pants included. Bamn! Cha-ching! Cheers mum! I started doing an impromptu fashion show trying on every article of clothing amazed at how much goodness one bag could contain. I also spotted this amazing tree in full bloom just across from where I work. So I dragged Taylor across the road to capture its beauty. Note to self - society is not however ready for leopard print hot pants.

Currently on repeat forever.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

2. - Hippies in vests

 Everything is thirfted except the two cuffs.

I promise that these are the last lot of blurry photos I shall ever post on here. Shun the blurry photos! These were literally taken about four months ago but not to fear crisp quality photos are on the way! I'm not entirely sure what to write about and I'm hoping I'll get better at this as this blog progresses. I can only really comment what is going on in my life at this moment and that is uni. I couldn't have picked a better course to study which is a bachelor of visual arts and design. I'm enjoying it too much and although I was resistant at first and often wrote notes that they were "restricting us on our individuality" and "brainwashing" us, I am now finding myself getting too excited and leaving home wayyyyyy too early and arriving ahead of time. My mind is going crazy with ideas that I can't wait to transform into actual artworks and that goes the same for outfits. My blog is going to be a combination of art and fashion and what inspires me. I may even post some of my art on here.

Until next time!
Au revoir!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

1. - Shagadelic baby, yeah!

wearing - topshop crop top, thrifted skirt, borrowed coat from my amazing friend, inspired tribe necklace and thrifted boots.
I finally strapped myself down to the computer after saying I'd have my very first blog post.. for what.. let's say about 4 months now. Talk about procrastinating or maybe I'm just lazy. Either way this. is. really. happening. The whole "about me" I kinda don't agree with. I mean what even is an about me? Really I'm just telling you things that could form my identity but that's not who I truly am inside. I could tell you that I find serenity at the beach, am currently studying visual arts and design at uni or that I love to listen to psychedelic rock and imagine I'm living in the 60's or 70's. This isn't the true essence of me but what the heck I guess you'll learn more about me further into my posts!

I'd like to introduce to you to the most precious creature my beautiful poodle puppy (yes she is only one years old) Lamour! I seriously love her too much. Does anyone else see a strong connection between this awesome shagadelic coat and lamour?! These are the first photos my friend Taylor and I ever took and don't worry photo quality is sure to improve as well as my crappy writing skills!