Saturday, 28 December 2013

38. - Barefoot Gypsy

 dress and duster/jacket/kimono thingy - vintage!

I FINALLY GOT A TRIPOD! Woooooohooo! These are the first pictures I have taken with it and so far so good! 
Two weeks ago I went away with Sam to Byron Bay and we loved every minute of it! We turned into the biggest beach bums because it was only a 100m walk to the beach, hell yeahhh! We also went bike riding to the shops to get dinner and some food and I think I laughed the entire way at how big the bike was for me and how much fun I was having. On wednesday night I was extremely nervous/excited and made sure Sam and I got to the Northern hotel early to watch THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE! HOLY SHIT. We were the first ones in the actual place for at least half an hour and I call that true dedication. I cried about three or four times during the show especially when open heart surgery played. Dead. Sam and I definitely would love to go back to Byron Bay because it was so freakin' amazing!

P.S This outfit cost me $10, SCORE!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

37. - Plum dream

pants - vintage, top - nastygal, platform shoes - Grandma! Jewels - thinking of selling some similar 

These pants are freakin' awesome and the most comfiest thing everrrr! Feels like I am wearing nothing at all, nothing at all.. nothing at all.

I have been so M.I.A lately and really need to invest in a tripod to make more regular blog posts! In the meantime I am going to Byron Bay this week and couldn't be more excited to see one of my favourite bands. I find concerts really awkward and uncomfortable for some reason but this is in a pub and relaxed setting and I can totally see myself fan girling and I warned Sam already there could be tears haha!

Hope you all are well! xx

Thursday, 5 December 2013

36. - Anemone

 So today Ciara and I decided to go to Newtown and I was pretty strict with not spending any money because I really need to save for Byron Bay and India. Well that didn't happen did it. We went into my favourite jewellery shop and I walked out with this headpiece and necklace and a giddy mood after it. I can't get over how beautiful they are!

I get a lot of questions about where I get my jewellery from and if you were interested in buying a similar headpiece or necklace just send me an email at and I'd be more than happy to help!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

35. - Open Heart Surgery

 elephant wrap skirt, beige leotard, elephant sequin bag, boots - all vintage

Sorry that I have been M.I.A.. I haven't been able to get dressed. I have too many clothes to chose from that trying to come up with an outfit takes over an hour and I think that is ridiculous so I give up. I mean can I just walk around with long singlet on and no bra instead? It would be wayyyyy more comfy. Bras I hate you.

Also am totally excited because I am going to see one of my favourite bands THE BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE AHHHHHHHH!!!! And in Byron Bay with Sam! December hurry up already!

Also also, help me out and buy my clothes so I can get dressed please: ShopGoddessSea

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Interlude: - Goddess Sea

Wait a minute you're thinking, is that.. Caitlan? I've introduced her before but this is my best friend Ciara! She is the perfect gypsy model for my first mini lookbook/photoshoot. I told her in the last photo that she looks like Jimi Hendrix's love child babe and I was lovin' her in that outfit.

This is the first look of photos for my new online etsy store: Shop Goddess Sea. Most of these items can be found on there and that I hope are at reasonable prices! I think you can definitely tell that these clothes are more "me". I just love that gypsy/goddess look and I hope that my store reflects that so everyone can get in touch with there inner gypsy. Check it out and tell me what you think!

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

34. - Blush and bloom

kimono, bodice - vintage, black skirt - supre, boots - nastygal

My brothers pet fish just died today and I realised how I don't think I could ever go back to eating meat again. I've been a vegetarian for two months now and am proud to say I am going strong. I know it's nothing impressive like years but what the heck it is a start! Or even being a vegan because I bow my head down to you. I thought it would be a lot harder but when I consciously sat and ate one greasy piece of deep fried chicken I spat it straight back out and was like "okay I never want to eat meat again" and that was it. A lot of people are like why? Here are some of my reasonings:

1. I love animals. They are better than humans - fact. 
2. Meat actually tastes like shit.
3. We aren't caveman anymore and don't have to go out and hunt to survive.
4. I read some really interesting statistics on the amount of water used to produce a kilo of meat compared to a kilo of grain and that was actually very horrifying. Or the deforestation that is occurring to make room to farm animals.
5. It just makes me sad to think that animals are purely breed to be eaten.

I am not trying to preach to become a vegetarian but I can honestly say I feel wayyyyyyy more healthier than I ever did before, the food is so tasty like I love it even though half the time I am asking myself what the hell is in this? takes another bite anyway because it is just too good to stop eating. Also veggie schnitzels will be the death of me. 

On another note how awesome is this kimono/dressing gown I found at my lucky vinnies stall for $4. 

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

33. - Queen of hearts

Bustier - American Deadstock, snakeskin duster, fringed skirt, concho belt - all vintage

Hey all! How are you all doing?!
I'm currently in the middle of moving and let me tell you this going up and down 100 flights of stairs really does take it's toll! I'm excited to turn my room into a psychedelic/jungle den that I have been envisioning now for a while!

Also I've been after a white lace bustier for a while now and American Deadstock were kind enough to send one on over! This outfit fulfills my sassy requirement! Win!

Monday, 28 October 2013

32. - My soul craves your love

Maxi skirt, beige lace top, platform boots, concho belt - all vintage, assorted jewels - eBay/gifts/etsy

As this uni semester is coming to an end (woooohoo!) I will have a lot more free time on my hands. Taylor and I have decided to put Age of Sunastry on hold and focus on doing some markets stall instead every now and then. I however wanted to continue selling clothes online and will hopefully be uploading some new goodies within the next couple of weeks on the etsy store! I'll be changing the name of the store and will adding more items from my own wardrobe as well! I'm very excited and can't wait to set this plan into motion! 

31. - Perfect day

mermaid tail dress - ASOS, Kimono - market find, belt- vintage

Hey all! I feel as if blogging has made its way down my priorities list as my usual thought process consists of 50% - uni, 40% - bellydancing, and 10% - Lamour (my dog haha). However I have one week of uni left and then I am free for 4 months! I plan on making a lot of clothes pieces that I can picture in my head but can't find and I really wanna go crazy with some artworks.

This is what I wore to Taylor's and I market stall that we held on the weekend at Caringbah Markets. I seriously felt like a gypsy queen and so did Taylor. I had a blast and I love spending time with my wifey and gypsy lover. Some special people came and visited us which really made my day and I'm sure it made Taylor's as well. It was nice to have support from our closest friends and family and we are thinking of holding one more just to clear out all the clothes once and for all and not to make room for more clothes... Yeah right!

P.S Here is a song in remembrance of Lou Reed, Perfect day because yesterday was a perfect day.

Monday, 21 October 2013

30. - I will follow you down

halter top - mum's, black skirt - supre, concho belt - vintage, elephant bag - Taylor's

Here is a little snippet of an outfit that I wore out clubbing on the weekend and felt really sassy because I wanna feel sassy in every outfit I wear now. Sassy is good. Also this little halter top that I've made into a cross-body kinda top thingy (if you can think of a better name help a sassy girl out) used to be my mum's from the 90's that she wore with matching leopard print shorts found in this outfit: here and I can only imagine her pulling it off!